Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Remote GSM / SIM / SMS industrial controllers

Remotely controlling what industrial devices do is your affordable jump-start into automation and robotics. Never has such technology been more affordable than now. In the past expensive radios and FCC licensing was involved to cover 30 miles. Now you have worldwide coverage and control thanks to the wireless GSM phone networks.

COST REDUCTION / EASY IMPLEMENTATION: The first cost factor eliminated is Equipment Cost – the fact that it controls your existing equipment; you don’t need to change your industrial machinery to achieve remote control or monitoring of an industrial operation.

EASY SETUP: Most of the functions are pre-programmed on the board we will demonstrate, so you won’t need a computer or any sort, just a cell phone will do - to achieve remote control or monitoring, and you will not need advanced “hardware engineer” know-how to install it. If you are an electrician or an engineer, or even a smart hobbyist you will be able to use the advanced functions of this board.

Some highlights:

  • gate control – up to 250 users

  • temperature monitoring

  • fluid level control

  • conditional operation – activate relay when a condition occurs

  • conditional notification – send a text message when a condition occurs

  • run both conditional operation and notification

  • conditional chained operation – send a signal to operate a similar remote module on the premise or remotely (anywhere in the world) when a condition occurs or a command is received from administration

Any engineer that glimpses at the features above understands that the practical uses for these modules are limited only by their imagination.

With model diversity and enclosure versatility these modules lend themselves to any project. The price is within anyone’s reach.

Electricians and installers who want to resell can put their own service decals on the enclosures. We use top of the line components (branded) but the assembly we ship caries no mention of our company. Your clients only have your contact information, whatever you provide. Integrate our products into your projects, no matter how complex.

Choice between PacTec enclosure, small board, almost the size of a pack of cigarettes, or the more sturdy and versatile board with a DIN rail enclosure for truly professional installations.

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