Monday, March 22, 2010

Database Power in Direct Mail and VDP - DNC federal compliance

If you will make outgoing calls, it is in your own best interest to be in compliance with the Federal Law regarding marketing calls. Numbers on that list cannot be called. The way it works is you obtain an account by signing up. You are provided up to 5 area codes for free, and additional ones for a fee. You get to download the list of people who DO NOT WANT to receive calls.

For example in Connecticut, we have 2 area codes. As of now, the total of numbers in the CT Do Not Call list is 2.5 million.

You obtain a list you will use. You need to purge this list against the respective DO NOT CALL list within 30 days of any campaign you will run. Whether you call people manually, automatically, with a dialer or with an offshore call center, you must run your list for people who have registered themselves to be excluded, or you may run into problems if too many complaints accumulate against you.

As you can see, one implication of the Federal Law is that you have to run your campaigns regionally, to the area codes you choose to start with, and then to the additional ones you purchase.

As our client, if you FTP to us a pair of lists (do not call list and marketing list from same area codes), we will clean your marketing list against the dnc list, do any additional processing you may need and send you back the "usable" marketing list promptly with a report of what was done. We offer this service for a nominal small fee, or at no charge when it is part of a VIPER campaign.

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